Features of car rental abroad
In Europe, you can rent a car on the spot immediately upon arrival (at the airport, at the train station) or book in advance via the Internet. Read the lease carefully shutterstock.com Whichever option you choose, it is better to use the services of reputable car rental companies with a worldwide reputation.

Their offices are open all over the world and guarantee high-quality, fast service and service. Most often, a car can be rented immediately on the day of arrival, however, in some countries, for example, Spain or France, despite the huge number of car rental companies, it is better to book a vehicle in 3-4 days. The cost of renting a car within the country can vary greatly and reach $ 200 per day. It all depends on the brand of the car and the company that provides such services. The average car rental is $ 20-40 per day, and the longer the rental period, the lower the daily cost. Interestingly, in some European countries, such as Portugal, the UK and Greece, car rental prices depend on the season and the influx of tourists. Additional costs also include gasoline, insurance, local taxes, mileage, and even entry onto toll roads, freeways, and payable areas. Documents required to rent a car :

1. A passport for traveling abroad - this is the first document that will need to be presented to the car rental company (be careful: you can not leave it as a deposit). If you want to rent car Madrid, please visit our site and choose any car to your taste.

2. Driving license of international standard and / or the law of the country of residence. Often when drawing up a contract for a car rental abroad, you will need international rights. In Bulgaria, drivers who do not have international rights are fined, and rental companies do not always warn their customers about possible problems. In Malta and Vietnam, both international law and the rights of your country of residence are valid. If you have only a national driver’s license and decide to rent a car in Malta, they must be approved by the Florian Police Department. Arriving in Vietnam, you will have to pass a simple exam, after which you will receive a mark from the local traffic police. The traffic police recommend (do not force) to change old rights without a term of validity for new ones that meet the requirements of the International Convention on Road Traffic. There are also age restrictions . For example, to rent a car in Portugal, a client must be over 22 years old, in Bulgaria - over 21 years old, in Greece and Cyprus - at least 25 years old, in the UK a car is issued to tourists who are 19 to 24 years old ( depending on the company).

As for the maximum age allowed, in most countries it is 60-70 years old (Greece, Cyprus, Malaysia). Driving experience is also taken into account. It can be from 1 year to 3 years. When concluding the contract, the rental company asks the client to leave a cash deposit or credit card information on which a certain amount will be frozen before the car is returned. Before signing the contract, it is worth paying attention to possible payments, which are most often prescribed in small print, and familiarize yourself with the technical condition of the machine. If the car is damaged, scratched, it must be indicated in the contract. Otherwise, when you return the car, you will be obliged to compensate the company for the damage caused.

A separate clause in the contract prescribes insurance conditions. It is very important to pay attention to what type of insurance is provided. In most countries, minimum insurance is provided, that is, for a serious breakdown or accident, the client will have to pay from his own pocket. Another important point. Before you rent a car abroad, you should study the rules of the road, the style and driving style of local drivers, the size of fines, signs and so on. So, for example, in India, Japan, Antigua and Barbuda, Great Britain and many other countries, the movement is left-sided. In Germany, there are too many unusual traffic signs that are specifying in nature. And when renting a car in the UK, it is necessary to seal the headlights with the so-called Headlight Beam Converter. Finally, a couple of tips on how to avoid trouble when renting a car in a foreign country:

1. Think carefully before choosing a company from which you intend to rent a car.
The more solid and large the tenant, the better your terms and conditions will be under the contract and the less likely that you will be deceived. Some enterprises have branches throughout the whole country, so you can take a car in one city and return it in another. Of course, if this fact is provided for in the contract.

2. Always read what you sign. You will be asked to put your list on a number of papers specifying the terms of the rental and return of the car. If the contract is drawn up in a language you do not understand, ask for the English version (according to the rules, you must be provided with it). Well, and if you have tight English, you can’t do without a translator.

3. The car you are returning must be in the same condition as before the rental. Often you are given a car with a full tank of fuel, so do not forget to refuel the car before returning, for not fulfilling the above rules, some companies have fines.

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